Pusheenthecat Wiki

She loves hugs

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Coat Type: Grey Tabby

Age: All 9 lives left

Gender: Female

Fav Color: Blue

Pusheen is an internet character, famous for her many gifs on her blog. Many of her short animations include other characters such as siblings, parents, and friends. She will go on an adventure, do tutorials, or introduce fans to her friends.She has 2 siblings who are: Stormy and Pip.


Physical Description:

Pusheen is a light grey color. She has dark grey, thick stripes on her back, and thin dark grey stripes on her tail. She has 3 small dark grey lines on her head. She has small ears and stubby legs. Her whiskers are the same dark grey, and there are usually 2 or 3 of them on her face. She is a bit chubby, and has 2 small grey dots for eyes. Pusheenicorn is the same but has a unicorn tail and a unicorn mane. Pusheenicorn also has a unicorn horn. But in all, Pusheen is amazing.