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Biscuit, together with Sunflower are the parents of Pusheen, Stormy, and Pip.

He has the same pattern of Pusheen, although sporting dark brown fur with a darker brown moustache and markings/stripes. Pusheen's Dad likes to fish and cuddle with Pusheen, Stormy, and Pip.



There was a comic called "Pusheen: the origin story," or the origin story of Pusheen. Pusheen's Dad and Pusheen's Mom appeared young in the comic. This may mean that Pusheen was adopted. Tumblr mkaniwWe8F1qhy6c9o1 500.gifTumblr mkaniwWe8F1qhy6c9o2 250.gifTumblr mkaniwWe8F1qhy6c9o3 250.gifTumblr mkaniwWe8F1qhy6c9o4 250.gifTumblr mkaniwWe8F1qhy6c9o5 250.gifTumblr mkaniwWe8F1qhy6c9o6 250.gifTumblr mkaniwWe8F1qhy6c9o7 250.gif