Claire Belton is, along with Andrew Duff, the creator of Pusheen. She is also author of I Am Pusheen the Cat. As depicted, she has blonde hair and brown eyes. She has written no other known books.

Her QueenofDorks account featured her chibi-styled art and product photos. Recently, she deactivated this account. She also managed Her shop featured many different charms and accessories. After closing down cute-plush, she created the website with Andrew Duff to create comics about their cats.   

Later on, they revamped it to feature Pusheen, and went towards simple gifs instead of paneled comics. After Claire Belton created Pusheen's website, she immediately went incognito on the internet. All of her Deviantart journals featuring her personal life were deleted, and her personal portfolio website,, was removed to only feature, "under construction." We all love Claire and Andrew's pusheen the cat and are waiting for Claire's magic return!   

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