Pusheenthecat Wiki

Every Wiki needs rules, and our Wiki isn't a exception! Please follow these rules or you can get a result of a block, depending of what rule you break.

Language Policy

  • Please don't use 18+ language. These include:
    • Using cuss words
    • Sexual talk

Harassment Policy

  • Don't make fun of nor hurt a user's feelings.
  • If we caught you harassing a innocent, you will receive immediate block.

Vandalism Policy

  • Vandalism isn't allowed in any shape or way.
    • If you translate, add fake information, personal opinions and rumors in the article and not in the Talk Page, adding nonsense, violent or sexual things and deleting/adding anything repetitively just for edits, you'll get a block.
      • However, if you're a new User, we will warn you. If you still keep on, you'll get a "X days" block, depending of which type of vandalism you do.

Sockpuppet Policy

  • Please only create ONE backup account.
    • If you're seen to have more, we will block all of them.
  • If you're blocked or banned and create a backup account to keep on breaking rules, it'll result in a infinite block. Enough said.

Chat Policy

  • Please don't spam nor use prohibited language.
  • Treat everyone with respect, so they do the same to you. If you treat them badly, they will treat you badly.
  • Don't advertise. However, if it's any new Pusheen post or product, you may advertise. Just don't over do it.

Avatar Policy

  • Please don't use yourself or any other familiar (ex. Father, mother, brother, cousin, etc...) as your avatar. However, using your pet or a celebrity is fine.
  • Don't wear violent or sexual avatars.
  • Don't use someone's art/fanart as your avatar. Make sure you have permission.
    • If you say you have but you're actually lying, we'll try to contact the original creator about the avatar. If they say you don't have permission, we'll give you a week block.

Blog Policy

  • DON'T bump old blogs.
  • If a blog is caught inactive for 14 to 21 days, a administrator will close it.
  • If you create a pointless blog (ex. "When do you think a new Pokemon game will be out?" or "What are your opinions on the game *Something not related to Pusheen*?!) we will close the comment section.

Faking/Rights Policy

  • Please don't act like a admin, bureucrat, chat admin or Rollback when you are not. (ex. say "I am a admin" or "I will kick you from chat!" when you are not any of these.)