Stormy is the younger sister of Pusheen and the older sister of Pip. She is seen in many GIFs usually with her big sister Pusheen. She looks up to Pusheen and wants to be just like her. She is also fluffy and cute.

All about Stormy:

Name: Stormy

Type of animal:Cat

Birthday: October 24th

Best Feature: My Fluffy Pants

Favorite food: Kibbles & Milk

Favorite word: ''Wa Wa ''

Hobbies: Chasing Things

Coat Type: Fluffy

Age: All 9 lives left

Gender: Female

Dream: To grow up to be just like my sister, Pusheen

Physical Description:

Stormy is a light grey cat with no significant stripes or markings. She is very fluffy with a bushy tail, and has long fur, as opposed to her sister Pusheen, who has shortly trimmed fur. When Stormy gets angry she makes Thunder and Lightning!

Pusheen the Cat - PSY Gentleman

Pusheen the Cat - PSY Gentleman

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