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Tommy is a very dark grey cat with black ear tips and stripes. He has a light grey belly, and no stripes on his tail. Not confused by Tommy the dog, he is the husband of Pusheen. They have two kittens, but their name and ages are unknown.


Tommy is seen in the "I love your mum” gif, the "spend time with family” picture, and the Pusheen family tree picture. He is also seen in a tangled Story GIF where pusheen is rapunzel and he is the prince.

Real-Life Description[]

Tommy- or "Wormy" belongs to Claire Belton's family.

In a description by Claire for everydaycute.com, she said: "Tommy is the man cat. We adopted him 2 years after Pusheen. He pretends to be a tough guy but he’s really a teddy bear! He and Pusheen are like a fat old married couple. His real name is Tommy, but we call him everything from Thomas to TomTom."