Pusheenthecat Wiki

Note: I have not entered a new line for new paragraphs, they are to seperate speech. Pusheen has awoken from a long cat nap, she opened her eyes which were stuck with sleet. "Meow Meow! Get dressed! Meow Meow!" Exclaimed Pusheen's Mom,

"Meow! Mom... I have no clothes.... Meow!" Replied Pusheen. 

"Oh, meow! Get your lunchbox!" Said her Mom, Pusheen, still tired, walked up to her case of food and picked it up by the handle. "Meow! Where are we going?" Questioned Pusheen in confusion,

"Meow! We're going on....... AN ADVENTURE!" Screamed her Mom is joy,

"Meow! Can I ride that fat horse again?" Asked Pusheen,

"M'kay then, meow!" Replied her Mom, they headed towards the old, oak door and set off on their journey...